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My name is Austin DeSisto, a high school student in Massachusetts who happens to really enjoy photography. In addition to photography I also really enjoy spaceflight, but more on that in a second. I've always tried to take photos of whatever I can and made it a priority on every family vacation since I knew how a camera worked. Hopefully, one day I will be able to make this a living doing what I enjoy.

Speaking of doing what I enjoy, journalism has always interested me. This is partly why I write articles for Everyday Astronaut about upcoming rocket launches. Every part of a rocket launch fascinates me and I could spend hours learning about them.

The idea behind this site is a place for people to find and download photos that interest them and follow me along with my adventures. It is also a place for people local to me to book their photoshoots for their pets, kids, or the entire family. 

Thanks for checking me out and enjoy the site. :)